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Been a busy few weeks, didnt scan everything but below is some of what I got. I was finally able to get Scott Fletcher, a roving instructor for the rockies, he only makes 2 or 3 trips here a year. Had to go to Boise for a few days, went to the end of the Boise/Spokane game and got Spokane coaches Justin Thompson & Hulett. Also went to the Giants vs. Reds game and got Votto but he smeared it handing it back to me. Not pictured are 4 Grant Green stockton ports signed jerseys. The jerseys were a stadium giveaway. Also I have extra signed team sets of the modesto nuts & stockton ports if anyone has another minor league team they would like to swap, lmk.



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I should probably talk to some of my Tigers friends and see if anybody need Thompson, but I see a lack of Haselman Tigers cards. I could also use the Loons Debuts as they are my local team and last year was their first playoff run. ;)

BTW, if the Loons make the championship series, I can some stuff for just about any player if you are interested. I kind of ran out lately.