Latest on Boog Powell's signing habits

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Sorry to inform you that the 1970 AL MVP has stopped signing TTM. He is returning your cards with a letter informing you that he has set up a mail-in/order opportunity with a dealer in Maryland, DugoutZone sports collectibles. They will now be coordinating the two mail-in opportunities he has arranged with them a year. They will also be selling his items year round. If you wish to learn more go to
All the more reason to plan a trip to Camden Yards. Boog sits on a stool at his BBQ stand on Eutaw Street at Camden Yards and signs. Passed by during the last homestand of the season and there were about 20 people standing in line to take pictures with him and get autographs.
Boog is awesome! He is been terrific for so many years TTM. When he was the left handed power hitting pinch hitting specialist for the Dodgers in 1977 I wrote to him asking for an autograph. I had mentioned in the letter that I wished I had something of him in a Dodgers uniform to send him, but all I had was a Topps Indians card of him. Well, about a month and half went by, and my card was returned unsigned. At first I was bummed, but then I noticed he had included a 1977 Dodgers team flyer, with individual pictures of all the players. When I opened the flyer I noticed he had boldly signed below his picture. Very cool guy!

I would love to go to Baltimore and take in an Orioles game at Camden Yards, meet Boog, and then take in the Babe Ruth Museum!
I wish there would have been a 1978 Topps Dodgers Boog Powell card! Now we have the Target card, but it is cheesy!

Those last year card opportunities Topps missed all the time throughout the years, especially when stars and vets changed teams for a quick cup of coffee with another team, would make an awesome "Cards that never were" theme set. Finding the photos may prove a challenge though!
Hate to hear this but thanks for the heads up. I guess that's what I get for not sending out sooner...
Just got mine back from Boog with the same letter...I was lucky enough to get him previously at Camden Yards at his BBQ stand. Wonder why he will sign for free at the park, but not TTM???