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First, let me say that I love this league as much as anyone and I'm not perfect by any means. But the recent lopsided trades have been downright embarassing. Cory puts in a lot of time on this league and then having spend time away from his family chasing down trade justifications is ridiculous. Frankly, he deserves better. Time to look in the mirror boys.

I'd like to recommend a rule change. When the same owner wastes the commishioner's time chasing down justification of potentially lopsided trades twice, they lose their first round pick in the next draft. That would slow the nonesense.

Again, I acknowldege that I'm not perfect in my trading. I've asked for too much in return. I over value my players. I never make a deal that I don't like, but I think I can pass the "red faced test" on most every deal I've made.



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Thank you for the sentiment. The current situations have been handled for now. Hopefully all parties trading will look at full ramifications of trades.


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Yeah, both people agreed to it so I don't really have a problem with trades in general. It surprised me more than anything else. I would have thought those two players from BOS would have gotten more in return (on top of the $ savings).

Personally, I would have given up more talented prospects/young players for those two guys if I knew they were being shopped. If I have star players to trade, I tend to offer them to the highest bidder on the open market to get the most I can for them. But that's just me.

Hey, if both teams are happy with a deal, who am I to judge, lol!