Leaving the hobby for a while..team lots available for cost of shipping + your choice

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I can do $12.00 for the white sox lot....this includes shipping cost......Best regards, David


Unfortunately, shipping for that specific lot may be close to, or over $12 (it is the biggest lot I have, over 600 cards - I would need to use a Medium Flat Rate for them)

I'd be interested in your Cardinals. LMK, Aaron

They're yours - posted up

Message sent for the Giants

Replied, and posted up - thanks!

Replied and posted, thanks!
The Reds are one of the smaller lots - probably 50-60 cards, they'd probably be about $3.50 for shipping plus whatever you think they are worth

I'm not a fan of the "whatever they are worth", can you give me a fixed price please. Thanks.
Yankees? Looks like fun to go through.

Yep, they are yours - I'll post it up.

Do you have an Indians lot? And if so can you let me know how many cards?

I do; I'd say around 450 cards on the Indians. I can probably get them into a box that will fit inside a Flat Rate Envelope, so shipping would be $6.10

I'm in for the Astros. Thanks - Robert

Robert - all yours, posted

Mets and or Royals?

I have both, the Mets one has more diversity as far as years/sets/refractors/etc

I'm not a fan of the "whatever they are worth", can you give me a fixed price please. Thanks.

Not a problem at all; let's say $13.50 ($3.50 for shipping and $10 for the cards)
I will take both but the Mets would be my #1 priority if I had to choose.

PM Sent!

All who have claimed lots have been shipped to this point.

If you are interested in a lot I NEED to know by tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM at the absolute latest, or else I will not be able to send your lot out
Cards came in yesterday and were fun to go through. Please PM me your paypal address and I'll send you some $$$. Thanks - Robert