Lesser requested and popular players in one spot?

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Jun 11, 2005
Washington State - The Pacific NW
I had a thought that may or may not make sense for this site. I think it does make sense to me, given the specific wants of most people, but I don't know what it would take from a technical standpoint to make it a reality.

Often times, we are looking for the newest issues or the hottest players and there are no lack of threads pertaining to those areas. Sometimes there are 6-7 or more for a new card issue. How many A&G or Triple Thread threads do we really need? Same goes for Griffey, Pujols, Jeter, etc.

What about the lesser collected, less popular guys? These are the players that aren't worth the effort for ebay. Same might be said for a trade site if all we have is random threads to search for these guys. Stars in their day that most have forgotten. Every once in a while, I see someone specifically ask for a player, such as a Raul Mondesi or a Dale Murphy or a Tug McGraw. Those threads get buried rather quickly though. Same goes for a person digging into the trade box and shotgunning a bunch of random players. Sure, they get a few hits when the post is fresh, but it soon becomes buried.

Search function works OK, but what about a program similar to the player collection area. We could have a forum that has player names. Those interested in selling/trading or obtaining those players could post there.

For example, I might have 50 Dave Parker cards. I go to the Dave Parker thread and list those cards. Now people know exactly where to go if they want any Parker items. However, if I create a regular thread listing these cards, in less than 24 hours that thread is buried by the masses of other trade/sell threads. The only way to find it is to search "Dave Parker" after the first day. Now the Dave Parker collector may do that occasionally, but he may miss it all together.

With my idea, those interested in Dave Parker can search ONE thread for new postings.

What would be extremely cool would be if you could click on the player/team/set name listed in the player collector area and link directly to a thread for that player/team/set!
I, too, think that would be a good idea, but something would have to be changed to keep the less busy threads on these less popular players from aging off. I keep losing my threads on Roberto Kelly and Dave Henderson due to inactivity.