Looking at someone's list

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Jan 29, 2010
Lawrenceville, Ga.
I am expressing something I am sure other members feel as well. When you are asked to go into some bodies sig or wantlist and see what they don't have. This specific player has 5800 cards to date. The member luckily has 4090 So we have to look through 4090 cards to find out which you need or don't have? I refuse to go through that time consuming hassel. I am not trying to be impossible here. But if you make a list of the cards you need. I think I would perfer to go through 1700 cards more so then 4090. This is not to disparge any one with large amibitions of collecting. But this is about considering other people's time and energy. Even thought I have discovered with most card enthusiast is about me me me. hahaha
Thank you guys and gals.