Looking for NFL (or college) Team Traders for larger trades (looking for Steelers or baseball).


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Hi Guys,
Eyeballing my football trade monster boxes, I'm guessing I have over 40K football singles available for trade from primarily the past 10-12 years.
There's not much from the past couple years as I'm mostly a retail buyer (with an occasional hobby box)... and we all know how that's been going...

I've organized all my football by NFL team and can quickly provide a list of items available for your preferred team.
I can also provide a list by college teams but any college trades will take some time for me to pull singles!

In return I'm looking for Steelers and would also entertain singles for my player collections to fill in trade value.
I'm always willing to trade my football for your baseball.

The perfect trade would be someone willing to take the entire team lot for comparable Steelers or baseball (prime/bust hits for same; parallels for same, etc.).
I'd rather have duplicate Steelers singles that I can share with nephews than all the other NFL teams collecting dust here.

If you are looking to cherry-pick Mahomes, Brady, or only RCs from team lots, I'm not as interested, but it could work (I'll be cherry-picking, too).

PM me your preferred team and I'll send you a list from my spreadsheet.