LOTS OF PC pickups.... Braun. Zimm. Utley...Posey


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Hey guys, haven't gotten the chance to post here in a while. But anyways, I wanted to share some successes/pc pickups over the past month or so... with more on the way.

Some TTM:
Bonnie Blair 2/1

(she included this herself- generous)

1/1 Sean Casey

1/1 Mahlon Duckett w/ note

1/1 James Loney

1/1 Miguel Cabrera (I included the ten dollar fee)

1/1 Nate Schierholtz

1/1 Ryan Zimmerman c/o home

1/1 Ryan Braun c/o private signing

1/1 Andre Ethier Ginter personalized to me with note thanking me for being a fan

1/1 Francisco Liriano (from signing) personalized to me

1/1 Utley off ebay

1/1 Buster Posey off ebay

1/1 Al Burch off ebay

tom szczygiel

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Nice collection, if you are interested in trading the Buster Posey GU I am interested in it. I have some Utley cards and Phillies also.
or email me some of your wants ryan4sale@aol.com
I have regular size and also mini A&G if you need some for your project.
I also have 2006 A&G #305 Danica Patrick SP if you need to send that one out ?
I have A&G 2006-2010 lots
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Just wanted to update this. Last night I decided to go for this!

Chief Bender -hofer-who even played for the Athletics. I'm stoked!

Also added this to the pc...

Today in the mail I got my Jeremy Bonderman card back signed for my A&G set... sent along with a $10 fee for Tigers foundation...

Thanks for reading!