Low end Yankees GU

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Dec 9, 2004
Hi everyone. I am looking for low end Yankees game used cards. I am happy to give you 2x,3x,4x BV on anything from my site. I am working to add new cards to my list each day!

Thanks for looking.
I have these two available:

2002 Diamond Kings Diamond Cut Collection #DC61 Bernie Williams Jersey /500 NYY bv $10
2007 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection Relics #AR Alex Rodriguez Bat NYY bv $20

I found 3 for you. PM me if you're interested.

06 UD Game Materials G. Sheffield GRY JSY
07 UD Game Materials J.Giambi GRY JSY
08 Topps Relics B. Abreu WHT JSY (w/stripe)
millo67 - I don't have any in my inventory now. I will PM you when I locate them.

558561 - Thanks for the reply, but I am going to pass on the Clemens.

skinsman82000 - Thanks for the reply and would be interested in the following:
08 Topps Relics B. Abreu WHT JSY (w/stripe)

Please take a look at my site and let me know if you see anything. I don't have any GU listed for trade, but will be happy to give you 2-3x BV.
Do you need any of these?
2001 SP Game Bat Edition Piece of the Game #DJ David Justice $10
2008 Upper Deck Timeline Memorabilia #HM Hideki Matsui $10
2011 Topps 60 Relics #RCA Robinson Cano $12
Matt - Any Yankees GU would be good. I don't have any GU for trade in return yet. I am working on updating my inventory. I am happy to give you 2-3x BV in your favor on anything from my site.

Thanks - Jeff
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