Lunch With John "Mule" Miles #2

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Dec 19, 2007
California, USA
While in Texas, I had lunch with John Miles of the Chicago American Giants (1947-49) for the second time. It was a great time full of stories of the game when it was much simpler as well as some stories of his childhood. My favorite story was one about Satchel Paige: Satchel was being heckled by a fan who was saying that Satchel was overrated, so Satchel told the outfield to sit down, then told the infield to sit down so it was just he and the catcher. Once that happened, he intentionally loaded the bases with 0 outs. The next 3 batters were struck out with 9 pitches total. Amazing story, and it really shows how the game has changed because I couldn't really see anything like that happening today. I got a few autographs on the new ***** League stamps and first day covers. Thanks for reading!

he is a great guy...i need to write him another letter...will be a sad day when he is no longer with us.
I spoke to Miles on the phone about two years ago, I should have taped it, he was wonderful. My friend flew out to San Antonio to interview him for a video she is working on. She had nothing but superlatives to say about him.

He wrote a book recently. He is a treasure and has been EXTREMELY generous with collectors.

Here is a link to his book -
A Legacy to Leave Our Youth
Thanks a lot guys! And metrotheme- I already bought the book off of Amazon, but I forgot to bring it to get it signed this time. :D