Review M L B Opening Day - 2015


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M L B Opening Day - 2015

36 packs - 7 cards per pack
'Look for Autos and Relic Cards'

I received these:

179 unique base cards - and 28 duplicates.... (lots 'o dupes w/o completing the base set!!)

Opening Day - I like the design -- much like the big brother base set. Each card has the 'Opening Day' logo. I also like the background on the cards - one can see the stands other players etc instead of a design behind the player. The front is glossy and the pictures are full bleed - meaning that the condition of the card will be subject to damage - especially the corners and edges...


Blue Refractor Parallels

7 received

Mascot // Franchise Flashback // Stadium Scenes

Mascots -- 7
Franchise Flashbacks - 7
Stadium Scenes - 7

Superstar Celebrations // Hit the Dirt

Superstar Celebrations -- 7
Hit the Dirt - 8

Team Spirit

TC Bear

Opening Day 3D



Opening Day is an excellent issue for the young collector. Great way to start collecting with some good looking inserts and a near set of base cards.

My favorite is the 3D -- in the past I have received 3-4 3D cards per box... this year only one... If you come across any, send them my way.

Don't really know the difference between the Team Spirit and the Mascot cards.... to me it seems like a duplication - but I haven't seen all of the Team Spirit cards.

Overall grade A --- great for the youngsters!!

Go buy several boxes and send the 3D cards to me!!



5.00 star(s)
Thanks for the review Duane. Not a fan of opening day, but cards look nice. Please LMK if you pulled


Superstar Celebrations

Thanks, Brett