Mark Wing's Condition Guide

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Mark Wing

Feb 19, 2003
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East Longmeadow, MA
Some time ago, I created a condition guide and put it on my web page.

It includes examples of cards at each grade. The reason I was created the guide was because I was getting too many cards in trade that were significantly overgraded. Since creating the guide, I have had no problems.

Feel free to use it in your own vintage trading.

Don't know why nobody has replied to this thread to say thanks?

Well, either way, thanks a ton, Mark. This really helped me.

I just had to send this card back to this eBay seller. White borders in a scan tend to blend into the background, but this card had 4 dinged corners! the two on the right side were so bad you could see layering an eighth of an inch into the card.

It's nice to have a visual reference, I still think you need a good example of EX since I would classify the Brooks AS as VG+ to VGEX and the Mays as VG-

I have my 1954 Bowman Willie Mays graded a "6" EXMT and I've had vintage examples graded "4"s and "5"s to help me along, unfortunately some people think that they can give some liberty because the card is so old.

I was planning on replacing a couple of the scans. I think I now have some better examples and am going to try to offer more than one example at the lower grades. I will let you know when I do that.

survives the 1 year old thread!!!

how do you calculate centering, and on new cards what is BGS9.5/10 centering?
I usually just eyeball it. I compare the width of the edges on each side. For example, if one side is double the size of the other, it is 67/33. If I am feeling really ****, I may measure it with a ruler.

I don't know was the BGS rules are. I am sure you can find in on the Beckett web page.

okay so say one side is 67 mm and the other is 30 mm the thing is 67/30 centering?
New to the site, but I just read this and love it. I also feel people typically overgrade their cards. I usually just require scans now. This is a great tool for people to use. Thanks!
Good effort, I like it. Pictures definitely help. My suggestions would be to add a Vg-Ex category since this is prevalent in 1950s-1960s cards and also to point out that Excellent condition cards may not have a crease at all! Thanks