Mavs/Nets 50/50

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Jun 25, 2008
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Lewisville, TX
I have friends that work for the Dallas Mavericks & New Jersey Nets. I will be meeting up with both teams when they come to New Orleans (November/December) and am going to graph both teams at the hotel after their shoot arounds. If you are interested in doing a 50/50 for either team, please let me are the rosters for both teams as of right now...

Dallas Mavericks:

Rick Carlisle (Head Coach)
Darrell Armstrong - FULL
Jason "Jet" Terry - FULL
Tyson Chandler - FULL
Alexis Ajinca
Jose Barea - FULL
Steve Novak
Brian Cardinal
Rodrigue Beaubois - FULL
Caron Butler - FULL
Brendan Haywood - FULL
Ian Mahinmi
Shawn Marion - FULL
Dirk Nowitzki - - FULL
DeShawn Stevenson - FULL
Dominique Jones

New Jersey Nets:

Avery Johnson (Head Coach) - FULL
Jordan Farmar - FULL
Derrick Favors
Devin Harris - FULL
Joe Smith
Trenton Hassell (Free Agent)
Kris Humphries - FULL
Damion James
Sean May
Anthony Morrow
Troy Murphy - FULL
Travis Outlaw- FULL
Quinton Ross
Johan Petro
Bobby Simmons (Free Agent)
Terrence Williams
Popeye Jones (Assistant Coach/Former NBA player) - $5 per card
Sam Mitchell (Assistant Coach/Former NBA player)
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Let me see what I have at home for these players. Will let you know and see if you wont mind for 1 or 2 players at most.

I can send 8x10's for Devin Harris and possibly 11x14's for Dirk. LMK. Thanks
Let me see what I can dig up for you, I know I still have some hoops cards from last year. Only guy I would be looking for anything signed would be Sean May. Thanks.
Sounds good, I don't have anything for him yet so just let me know about that and those 90 Topps cards when ya get a chance. :)
I can take 3 cards of him, if you want 2 for you and 1 for me I can do that. I have one card of him already for myself.
OK, I will dig up a few. You want me to wait a while to send them so it will be closer to when you see them?
You can send them whenever. I have all the cards I am taking in a case so I will put yours in with those if you want to get them out now.
i have 2 Jordan Farmar cards, among all things. I'm sure i can find more.
redsfan, I only have a spot for 1 Farmar card but if you can find a card of one of the other guys I will get you the Farmar and just keep the other instead if thats cool with you.

yank23rulz, let me know what you're able to come up with! :)
i found 1 card of tim Thomas, 1 card of Jason Terry and 1 card of Jose Barea so far.

EDIT- here is what i Have so for
Brook Lopez x2
Jordan Farmar x2
Tim Thomas x2
Jose Barea x1
Terrence Williams x2
Rodrigue Beaubois x1
Deshawn Stevenson x1
Jason Terry x2
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