Medium Flat Rates - $25-$35 - Lots of Football Cards!

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Jul 15, 2007
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Vancouver, WA
Another one of my flat rates - these usually go quick. These are all base cards. Not a lot of rookies or super stars but plenty of base. $30-35 delivered each as priced below.

Great for set building, traders, or for inventory (Sportlots, etc.)

This is how I pack cards - padded on the bottom, cardboard buffer on all sides, and padded on top. This has worked really well in the past.


2021-22 Baseball & Football - $35
2022 Topps Chrome
2022 Topps Archives
2022 Topps Fire
2021 Optic Football
2021 Prizm Football
2022 Prestige Football
2021 Contenders Football
And a mix of stuff that's from random boxes/packs I opened.

Hockey Only Medium Flat Rate - $25
All Upper Deck Product from the last few years - there are a few packs worth of older UD stuff but no junk wax.

All Basketball - $35
Recent products - about half is Donruss/Hoops and the other half is Optic, 21-22 Prizm, Hoops Premium, etc. I will add some older stuff to the box to fill the last bit - not junky stuff.

Older Football Mix - $30
Piles of commons/minor stars/some stars/HOF
2014 Topps Chrome
2014 Prestige
2013 Topps
2013 Topps Chrome
2011 Topps
2014 Score
2013 Topps Archives
2012 SP Authentic
2013 SP Authentic
2012 Topps

Another Football Mix - $30
Half is 2011-2014 Product
Half is Late 90s into the 2000 era - lots of cool sets in this stuff.