Met Count: 597 (updated 7/19)

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Jan 27, 2006
Rochester, NY
Just in time for 2010, Jason Tyner becomes Mets auto #500. The breakdown and stats, from Abel to Zinter:

1962 Mets: 19 (Anderson, Bouchee, Cannizzaro, Cisco, Craig, DeMerit, Foss, Ginsberg, Herrscher, Hickman, Hillman, Hook, Hunter, Jackson, Kranepool, MacKenzie, Pignatano, Thomas, Zimmer)
1969 Mets: 26 (Agee, Boswell, Charles, Clendenon, Collins, DiLauro, Dyer, Garrett, Gaspar, Grote, Harrelson, Heise, Jackson, Jones, Koosman, Kranepool, Martin, McGraw, Pfeil, Rohr, Ryan, Seaver, Shamsky, Swoboda, Taylor, Weis)
1986 Mets: 41 (Aguilera, Anderson, Backman, Berenyi, Carter, Cashen, Corcoran, Darling, Dykstra, Elster, Fernandez, Foster, Gibbons, Gooden, Harrelson, Hearn, Heep, Hernandez, Horwitz, Davey Johnson, HoJo, Kiner, Knight, Leach, Lyons, Magadan, Mazzilli, McDowell, McIlvaine, Mitchell, Niemann, Ojeda, Orosco, Pavlick, Bill Robinson, Santana, Sisk, Stottlemyre, Straw, Teufel, Mookie)
Non-Met Mets: 16 (Matthew Broderick, the late Brian Cole, Ralph Kiner, Gary Cohen, Tim McCarver, minor leaguers Alan Zinter, Yusmeiro Petit, Nick Abel, Robert Stratton, & Curtis Pride, WFAN's Steve Somers and Ed Coleman, Gov. David Paterson, Jay Horwitz, 1986 WS Broadcaster Vin Scully, phantom Met Jim Bibby)
Not Yet Mets: 7 (Ike Davis, Scott Moviel, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Dillon Gee, Brad Holt, Kelvim Escobar, Shawn Riggans)
Non-players: 19 (Davey, Oberkfell, Robinson, Stottlemyre, Frazier, Herzog, Howard, Manuel, Cashen, Perlozzo, Baylor, Hough, Pavlick, McIlvaine, Howe, Nieto, Walling, Gibson, Hale)
Incoming: 0
Gone: 10 (Agee, Cole, McGraw, Milner, Bill Robinson, Dock Ellis, Sturdivant, Spahn, Bibby, Clendenon)
Longest Alphabetical Run: 13 (Rusch-Rusteck-Ryan-Saberhagen-Sadecki-Sambito-Samuel x2-Sanchez x2-Sanders-Santana x2)
Largest Alphabetical Gap: 6 (Clem Labine to Frank Lary)
Alomars: 2/3 (Roberto, Sandy Jr)
Andersons: 4/4 (Craig, Marlon, Rick, Jason)
Bells: 1/4 (Jay)
Castillos: 1/4 (Luis)
Clarks: 3/3 (Brady, Mark, Tony)
Ernandezes: 5/9 (Keith H, Sid F, Anderson H, Livan H, Roberto H)
Francos: 3/3 (John, Matt, Julio)
Garnders: 2/3 (Rob, Wes)
Green(e)s: 2/6 (Andy, Dallas)
I's: 2/4 (Innis, Isringhausen)
Jacksons: 2/3 (Al, Darrin)
Johnsons: 5/7 (Ben, Davey, HoJo, Lance, Mark)
Joneses: 5/8 (Bobby, Chris, Cleon, Randy, Ross)
Marshalls: 2/4 (Dave, Mike the outfielder)
Martinezes: 3/5 (Fernando, Pedro the younger, Ramon)
Millers: 2/5 (Dyar, Keith)
Murrays: 1/3 (Eddie)
Perezes: 3/3 (Oliver, Timo, Yorkis)
Phillips: 2/4 (Jason, Tony)
Reeds: 4/4 (Darren, Jeremy, Rick, Steve)
Smiths: 3/5 (Joe, Dick, Pete)
Taylors: 3/5 (Chuck, Ron, Hawk)
Valent(in)(e)s: 5/5 (Eric Valent, Jose Valentin, John Valentin, Ellis Valentine, Bobby V)
Walkers: 1/3 (Tyler)
Wilsons: 5/5 (Mookie, Paul, Preston, Tom, Vance)

Living Crane Pool Forum Top 100 Mets I'm missing: 52 Gentry, 57 McAndrew, 64 Hunt, 68 Myers, 69 Lynch, 81 Viola, 86 Falcone, 92 Flynn
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Hey Chris
Congrats on reaching another milestone in your Mets collection. Hope 2010 will bring you anothe 100 or so autos for your coillection
Happy New Year to you and your family
Thanks, everyone, but oh, we're not stopping at 500!

Sandy Alomar Jr., Darren Bragg, Todd Pratt, Omir Santos, Tim Spehr, and Don Zimmer jump me up to 506.
Thanks, everyone, but oh, we're not stopping at 500!

Sandy Alomar Jr., Darren Bragg, Todd Pratt, Omir Santos, Tim Spehr, and Don Zimmer jump me up to 506.

Hey Chris
Before you know it you will be at a 1,000 and then you might have all the Mets some day
Nice job well done
I think 600-650 is a reasonable goal for this year, and maybe eventually as many as 750. It starts to get tougher after that, with guys from other countries who are hard to track down, or deceased players. It's nice that I only have to go back to 1962, though, so there aren't that many dead guys. (Yet.)
Uh oh. I need to step it up. I have a bunch of customs that I'm waiting to print; I guess I should get some more card stock on the way home today.