MrMopar's REVIVED Annual Christmas Giveaway Contest


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Let's do an October bump. Still plenty of time to enter and 3 different categories, so ANYONE who is a member of The Bench can possibly win one of these prize packs, as long as your membership is in good standing. No trade requirements, no time as a member requirements, no exemptions for any past winners, staff is welcome too (this is all random so no way to influence the results). Just reply and post your member ID and you are in the drawing. The grouping for prize draws you will end up in is based on your number of trades though, so if you have less than 20 you are in 1 group, 20-99 trades you are in the 2nd group and 100+ trades and you are in the third group. Depending on who all enters and how active of a trader they are/were, you may be in a larger group or a smaller group. Trading your way up/out of a group is possible (but you can't go backwards obviously), as the tally will occur when the contest closes. Good luck to all.