MrMopar's REVIVED Annual Christmas Giveaway Contest

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Many years back, I used to be much more active on this site. I let my participation slip severely within the last near decade, but I would like to breathe new life into my efforts. My posting levels have risen in the last few months and I want to host a contest to get even more involved, possibly my first in nearly a decade! I looked back and found my 5th Annual Christmas giveaway contest, but I don't think I made it to 6 the following year. I am going to pick up where I left off...

I also used to do a return to baseball contest that I thought was fun to administer and I hope those who played and are still around enjoyed it. I am going to try to remember that for next season and revive that one as well.

The Rules:

1). You just need to provide your member ID in a post prior to December 16. If your post is dated before 12/16, you are in. If it is dated 12/17, try again next year! Using me as an example, your entry would simply be to post: mrmopar

2). You must be in good standing when the contest closes and have AT LEAST 1 trade. Sorry 0 Trade members, you are the only one's excluded, but you have time to remedy that by getting out there and trading. No banned or suspended members will be allowed to win a contest.

3). I am going to come back to this a little slowly, as one of the reasons I gave up was the time and effort needed to organize and fulfill the contests. There will be 3 winners, assuming I have enough entrants in each category. 1 for each level of the old Bench trading standards (not sure if the levels still exist with the new site format, but the trade counts do). 100 or more trades = (HOF), 20-99 trades = (Veteran) and 1-19 trades = (Rookie). This gives everyone a chance to win. The winners from each group will be announced from a drawing of all eligible contestants in that category using a random number generator.

The Prizes:

Other than PC purchases, I no longer buy new cards (packs/boxes/etc) and have not for quite some time. I do have a 40 year collection of stuff I have gathered though and plenty of oddball stuff. I will put together a completely random prize package for each winner. This package could literally contain anything sports related. I will ask winners to provide a favorite sport or two, a couple favorite teams and/or players and will do my best to personalize the prizes to align to your collecting interests. However, you might just end up with some trade bait, especially if you only collect new stuff.

I am off work starting 12/18 for the remainder of the year, so my hope is that by the 17th, I'll have winners announced. I can then start to build prize packages and mail them out, POSSIBLY in time for Christmas. However, at the time of this post, USPS is painfully slow, so there is a good chance you will not see these packages before Christmas unless something changes.

Good luck to all and I hope for a great turnout!
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Welcome back my friend, and THANK YOU! I remember your contests well, and am excited about your spirit of giving to help revitalize The Bench, even before the Holiday Season rolls around!!

God bless,

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