Multiple Andre Dawson addresses

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Feb 28, 2009
Hi, I found these 3 addresses as successes for Andre Dawson. I think one or two could be his home address and the other could be for his Foundation. Can anyone recommend which one is the best? Does he sign at all three? Are any quicker than the others? Has anyone sent to one with a fee and never gotten it back?

Thanks in advance.

6770 SW 101 Street
Miami, FL 33156

11420 SW 148th Terrace
Miami, FL 33176

PO Box 431339
South Miami, FL 33243
How much for a card? I heard he was up to $20.....
Do you know if he will inscribe on them?

By the way NICE Dawson Collection!!!:D I am a little jeloius!
Last I heard on a card was $12, but that was a while ago.

And just as a heads up, I know he used to sign one per request for free, but he must have someone keeping track of requests. I got a free one from him a few years ago, tried again a while later, and never got anything back. So either someone must be tracking for him, or he's charging for everything now.
I also heard that Dawson does $20 for cards since his HOF announcement. Also after that time, he no longer signed for free. I also missed his hand outs and reduced donation, so your not alone.
sean69 - Thanks! (It's all heading to ebay)

I actually received my last TTM Autograph from The Hawk a couple weeks ago. I only sent $10 and he signed in less than a month. The Donation Pricing Slip he sent back along with the card said $20 for cards + $10 for inscriptions. Everything goes to his foundation and he has always signed for any reasonable amount. At least for me...

Do you usually send him a check?

Also do you have a 87 Topps auto left? I noticed you had one on ebay and I missed out on it.
I just sent out to Andre on 5/8. $20 check to his Foundation and 3 cards. I was hoping to get at least 2 back signed, but now it sounds like I may just get one if he raised his donation fees.