My Man Cave-pic heavy


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So I will say its a mess currently due to baby being due in a few months/organizing/starting to plan my bar and having someone living on other side of my basement currently...but here it is per request.
Entrance is majority of my nicer music stuff, have a few more things to hang and few that still need to get framed.

Then to the bottom of the stairs

One of these days will be a bar right here

My wife's 1 allotted wall for her teams and ya can see I need more frames for her stuff as well

Shaq "shrine"

Here's a bunch of goodies

Majority of the puck collection

Now the the main part of the cave



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DUDE! So cool! I love it, thanks so much for all the work you went to in order to take photos and post, this was so awesome! I love how you go from music to hockey to baseball, and your Detroit roots are for sure shining through! Really awesome collection, and great display, love it Nic!!

Thanks again for posting, and God Bless!

Kevin Mc