National Report

Tony Kozelichki

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Spent eight hours at the National on Thursday. Like most Nationals, it was hit and miss on the collecting front.

First, I went in trying to add to my '69 Cubs collection. I was looking for a picture pack, Milton Bradley team set, gloves of Kenny Holtzman, Jim Hickman and Jim Colborn, a variety of player pins, and autographs, especially balls of deceased '69 team members.

When it was all over, I didn't find any of the items I was looking for.

But, all was not lost.

I did buy a mint condition, Ernie Banks first baseman's mitt, Wilson model #2880 in its original box. This is the first one I have ever seen. The dealer was asking $350, but I got him down to $275 before pulling the trigger. I doubt there are many out there like it.

I also purchased a Cubs team photo pennant from 1971 with some staining (although the pic is in very good condition) for $50 and four late 60's buttons/pins for $20. All of the buttons related to the '69 team. A 2010 yearbook and a pair of Cubs programs at one table. Finally, I picked up a pair of 1978 cloth patches of Bobby Murcer and Bruce Sutter. I still need Rick Reuschel and any other Cubs.

There was the usual display of future auction items, including the Andre Dawson collection of his MVP award, Babe Ruth crown from '87, and other items. Of course, there were plenty of high end items on auction display as well as for sale.

Didn't see Mike Mosier of Columbia City Collectibles, who always carries some of the best oddball stuff around, albeit a bit pricey. I usually buy some stuff at his table.

I made it through all of the tables this year, and even had a chance to go back to a few.

Very much doubt I'll go to Atlantic City next year. Maybe Cleveland in 2017, and definitely back to Chicago in 2018.

Next up is the November Sun Times Show. More local than the National, so I might have some luck. Hoping to set up at a local show early in November. Always have plenty of Cubs stuff to trade if anyone is interested.


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Always glad to see peoples' reports from the show. I went last year since it was a good excuse to go back to my hometown for a week, and I'm hoping to go to AC next year. I'm pretty picky on what I need, but I found a few items last year that helped my collecting endeavors and made several trading connections and promoted my autograph blog. Wish there had been more of a presence from The Bench there. I spent most of my time hanging out with a bunch of posters from SportsCardForum though which was good.

Will definitely do the next Cleveland one (you got your years flipped-- it's Chicago again in 2017 and Cleveland in 2018).


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Sounds like you found some good stuff. I wish they'd do one of these west of the Rockies on occasion.

They've done them in California on occasion (3 in the last 20 years, which are the only western ones in that time frame). They had a few in Texas and Missouri but it's been a good 20 years since the last one in either of those states. In talking to a few people from Tristar last year, the reasons they seem to keep it mostly to Cleveland, Chicago, and only a couple other cities are:

1. They need a venue willing to book 2 or more years out. Many are not willing to do more than a year in advance. I believe this was a problem with having future shows in Baltimore.

2. They want a venue that is close to a major airport and has a few hotels nearby. Public transportation is a plus. This knocks out Dallas/Fort Worth (four convention centers here plus AT&T Stadium, but none are really close to the airports) and Denver (DIA is in the middle of nowhere).

3. They need a venue that does not require union setup and takedown. Many convention centers require it. So kiss the East Coast, Michigan, and Northern California goodbye for the most part.

It's also assumed that keeping it in the Midwest is more likely to attract collectors from both coasts instead of just one. It wouldn't surprise me if attendance for next year in Atlantic City drops compared to the previous few years because of this coastal factor. Apparently last year's show was the third-highest attended in National history (Anaheim 1991 was highest, Atlanta 1999 was the lowest).


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Glad all went well, Tony, sounds like you got some great Cubs stuff! We watched them beat Colorado a week ago, and they are hot this year! Reminds me of seeing them in 1988 when they heated up in mid to late summer!

God Bless,



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It would be nice if they did it once every multiple years. I would definitely go. Heck, I'm thinking of planning a vacation so I can just attend a regular card show at some point as there hasn't been one in my neck of the woods in over 15 years.

Need to get the National back to the West coast! Best regards, David