Need grading advice... To grade or not too..

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Nov 13, 2010
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foxboro, ma
Hello I have never sent out a card to get graded but I picked up a great card, and its value is very high and I predict the value getting more and more, it is sitting in my safe and wondering if i should send it out to get graded, and if so where.
it is a

Kevin Durant 2007 SPX ENDORSEMENTS AUTO Rookie
I took many pictures but those are useless... I kknow you cant tell much by a picture but oh well...
In my opinion the card is mint.

please help me out
Just my own personal opinion here:

I wouldnt grade any card made after 1985 maybe 1987. To me the printing technologies just got better and better after 1993, over production in the late 80's early 90's just doesnt seem to warrant grading for those years IMO.

IF your card is currently in a safe, I dont see any reason not to leave it there and slab it in the future if it becomes necessary.

Unless you feel VERY strongly that your card will grade out at 9 or higher, to me it just doesnt seem worth it.
I like to grade 80's 90's it does not matter so if it was a c card i was sending it would be BGS all the way I have a section in the bucket that is all graded and if it is the card it is a very nice piece. I've enev got an 88 Donruss McGwire 9.5 Just my 2 cents.