Need help identifying a card...Topps Porcelain??

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it's legit...there are several different years that these were made...just an oddball item...pretty cool though, always liked them myself.
I'm assuming Topps did not make them? Or were they one of those things you could order from a catalog? Any idea who the producers were?
company called R&N out of Ohio did them...there are a bunch of them out there covering a ton of players and years. They came with COA's from Topps and were made and released by Topps at Halmark stores and places like that...they included a clip you could use them as Christmas tree ornimates as well...The packaging had the Topps logo on it and everything.
I believe for several years in the mid-90's every Topps card was reproduced in porcelain. Very rare I see these online though.
The ones I had came with a wood base, some were standard size and some the size of 90's Donruss Champions cards.
I'm thinking maybe the only set that was produced in bulk was the 1993 set. It's the only one I see with tons of commons, the rest are all stars of the day or part of the "rookies" line. Then they also seem to have done large chunks of Nolan Ryan, Mickey Mantle and Cal Ripken's cards all at once.

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