Need help with some odd-ball Elway Cards

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Feb 28, 2007
Fargo, ND
Hi all. My wife's co-worker is looking into possibly moving some of here collection and I'm looking for some 2nd and 3rd opinions ;).

Some of the stuff includes his baseball rookie (ungraded, but could score pretty decent), a handful of on-card autos from the early-mid 90s (hand-numbered stuff from sets like pro-line and collector's edge) and quite a few odd-ball set/SP stuff plus some low-end stuff.

I don't even know where to start with this stuff. My guess is that the Baseball rookie should be graded as it's likely the gem of the collection. I'm guessing some of the Autos and oddball stuff are very HTF, but I might need help in identifying some of it. Is anyone willing to help if I run through some scans?

I'll help too, although Peter is the FB guy. I have the Annual books and did collect FB when Johnny was active. Post the scans here if you can.

I am looking for a reasonably priced (Read: cheap as possible!) certified Elway auto if you have one come available. Any card would do, just looking for a signature mainly. I have been ignoring my FB, BKB, HKY autos in pursuit of BB and decided to start picking up some of the better players when I could.
Thanks all. I managed to find a few SVs of the autos and SPs on eBay. I need to find out what she wants to do with them. If she ends up deciding to move some of this stuff, I'll be looking a bit more into it. I'll email/PM if so.