Need some info 1993 Nolan Ryan Uncut Sheet

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Oct 19, 2005
Duluth, MN
My LCS owner called me after picking up an uncut sheet of 1993 Nolan Ryan card, I believe them to be from the 93 Pacific Ryan Express/ 27th season set. Card numbers are 221-250 and the sheet is autographed.

I cannot find anything on beckett about uncut sheets being issued from that set, and also nothing about them being autographed.

Anyone know anything about these? Will try and get a pic up soon, but I may not have time to stop into the shop until Thurd\sday or Friday.

Thanks, I am pretty sure thats it, I still need to stop into the shop and see it in person to be sure.

I've seen a few of these over the years. Some of them actually are hand-numbered, although the numbering could have been added by someone after the fact. My bet is that they were offered through a HSN type deal as siksyko said above, but I'm not 100% sure.