Need some INFO on 1903 card??

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easy mike

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Feb 24, 2010
athol, ma
I've been searching for 1903 Malachi Kittredge Baseball Card put out by The Williams Candy Co. Being a journyman catcher & former Manager I was told that was the only card he ever had. Any help would be appreciated. He was my wife's great,great uncle. Thanks Mike
Could it be one of these? These are the only ones from that year according to Beckett online.

1903-04 Breisch-Williams E107 #84 Malachi Kittredge Boston $1,500.00
1903-04 Breisch-Williams E107 #85 Malachi Kittredge Washington $1,500.00

That must be the one, where did you find the info? The $$$$ are more than I expected, but like I said, greatly appreciated..
there was acually three cards of him
1898 Cameo Pepsin 73
1903 E107-1 Breisch-Williams (Type 1) 84 (Boston)
1903 E107-1 Breisch-Williams (Type 1) 85 (Washington)
By most grading standards, VG cards are often creased. That is the best you can get while having creases, but I don't think the crease is too bad considering the age and issue.

Check out this PSA 1. I am still not sure why...It's a pretty nice 1 in my eyes!


And for comparison...1,2 & 3 (check out the heavy corner crease on that O'Doul 2!

Mopar - If that is your Hodges, I would break it out and resubmit. Someone was having a bad day the day that one came across their desk I would say.
The Hodges is mine, but I am not concerned about the grade enough to resubmit. I have maybe 75-100 graded cards, most are autographed. I have never submitted one myself though. They were all purchases that made financial sense not for the grade but for the card itself. I am actually not a fan of graded cards at all.