Need these 2000 Fleer Focus cards to complete my set


5.00 star(s)
Anyone interested in trading Fleer Focus 2000 Rookies, Rookie Portraits, and Masterpiece Manias?? (Green # d to 300…***/300 versions).

2000 Fleer Focus Want List (Both are #d 1-999/3999 Portrait version)
234P(Mike Darr), 235P(Chad Hermansen)

2nd set (Portrait Version wanted ONLY)
229(Ruben Mateo),230(Ben Petrick),234(Mike Darr),235(Chad Hermansen),237(Octavio Dotel),240(Adam Kennedy),241(Angel Pena),243(Gabe Molina),244(Lomasney),245(Jacob Cruz), 246(Mark Quinn),247(E Munson),249(Kip Wells)

I have lots of 2000 Fleer Focus 2000 Rookies and Portrait Rookies to trade
List furnished upon request (Trade and sell at high Beckett)

2000 Fleer Focus Masterpiece Mania (#d to 300) Want List
(9 cards to go out of 250 for complete set ….241/250 so far)
11(Jeter), 55(Travis Fryman), 107(Thome), 117(Aaron Sele), 129(Tony Gwynn), 177(R Palmeiro), 185(Cal Ripken Jr), 218(Barry Bonds),
236(WilyMo Pena)
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