Need verification that a 2011 Heritage card even exists...

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Mar 28, 2010
New Jersey
The card in question is a Blue Tint "error" of card #181 Dillon Gee of the Mets. I have the green and red tint but have never even seen a blue tint. I have had a search on ebay since 2011 and one has never come up. Does anyone know if this card exists? It is the last 2011 Met card I need. Beckett does list it but we know that they would NEVER make a mistake! ;) LMK, Thanks, Mike
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I checked beckett online and they do not list #181 under the blue tint cards the checklist goes from 177-184. It looks like there are only 75 cards that have the blue tint parallel from what I see.
Hope this helps.
Trish, When I do a search for that card specifically on Beckett online, it does come up.
2011 Topps Heritage Blue Tint #181 Dillon Gee bv $10.00

Does that not show on yours???????