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I enjoy seeing/reading about theme collections. Good Luck.

You may not have tried to narrow down this far yet, but unfortunately a full 501 Crown/Coke signed card set will be impossible. Just quickly browsing the list I noticed a half dozen or so players who died before the card set was issued, including Jerry Adair, Vern Bickford, Billy Cox, Jim Finigan, Erv Palica, Del Rice & Dizzy Trout. I suspect there will be a few others as well. The good news is that you'll be that much closer to a possible set.

And I just noticed you do have an "alive player" count. Are there that many deceased so far??? WOW!
Sounds like a cool idea. I'm very much looking forward to reading this new blog. I will go ahead and link you up from my own.

Great website! Good luck with your collection! Do you only want them in Orioles Uni or any? I have auto's of these 2 players not on the list
Jack Cust (Pictured in Diamondbacks)
Sean Henn (Pictured in Yanks)

Here are the details of the cards:
2001 Donruss Class of 2001 Jack Cust #163 /1875
2007 Fleer Ultra #225 Sean Henn /349

PM me if you need them
Hey man haven't heard from you in a while. The blog looks good, a guy named Ryan has already done a similar blog I've been following:

Ever come across his blog before? I've worked out some deals with him in the past.

I'm also still working on my Orioles autograph collection. I've got over 500 different players now including autos of guys who have no Orioles cards. From the looks of things, we are doing pretty much exactly the same project...collect as many different Orioles autographs possible, with as many of those also being on Orioles Crown cards as possible.

I'd love to work out a deal to help each other out.
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Thanks for the looks already fellas, I appreciate it.

MrMopar-Knew there were a few I would have no chanc at for the set, but hopefully I can find a card. All told there are 111 deceased players from the 1991 Orioles Crown Set.

Brodeur-Linked to your blog as well, thanks

Metallica-only looking for players featured as Orioles. Now if they had a small time with the O's and maybe didnt have a card produced, I will settle for anything until I can get some customs made.

Big Slim-I go in cycles on here. Hours at work have changed a few times so we shall see. Do you have a list of doubles you have??
Mine are listed below:
Mike Boddicker 1988 Donruss (IP Autograph) 89
Rick Dempsey 1986 Topps (IP Autograph) 358
Billy Gardner 1968 Topps (IP Autograph) 106
Jay Gibbons 2004 Topps (TTM Autograph) 46
Bob Johnson 1967 Topps (IP Autograph) 38
Jorge Julio 2005 Topps Total (IP Autograph) 503
Ryan Minor 1998 Bowman's Best (IP Autograph) 152
Calvin Pickering 1998 Bowman (IP Autograph) 208
Rob Bell 2000 SP Top Prospects (IP Autograph) 109
Lesli Brea 2000 Just (IP Autograph) 10
Jerry Hairston Jr. 1999 Team Best (IP Autograph) 48
Val Majewski 2004 Just Minors Autograph 57
Sidney Ponson 1997 Bowman (IP Autograph) 74
Boog Powell 2003 Topps Retired Signature Autographs TA-BP
Chris Richard 2000 Royal Rookies Signature Series #'d 1517/4950 13
Chris Heintz 2006 Fleer (IP Autograph) 361
Esteban Yan 1999 Fleer Tradition (IP Autograph) 568
Harold Baines 1994 Bowman (TTM Autograph) 19
Eric Bell 1987 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 39
Eric Bell 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 383
Larry Bigbie 2003 Topps Total (IP Autograph) 476
Larry Bigbie 2004 Topps (IP Autograph) 453
Bob Bonner 1983 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 53
Dan Boone 1991 Score (TTM Autograph) 715
Rich Bordi 1987 Topps (TTM Autograph) 638
Phil Bradley 1989 Score Rookie Traded (TTM Autograph) T44
Phil Bradley 1990 Bowman (IP Autograph) 261
Don Buford 1973 Topps (IP Autograph) 183
Al Bumbry 1983 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 54
Andy Etchebarren/Darold Knowles 1966 Topps (TTM Autograph) 27
Dan Ford 1984 Topps (TTM Autograph) 530
Dan Ford 1985 Topps (IP Autograph) 252
Ken Gerhart 1988 Fleer (IP Autograph) 559
Ken Gerhart 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 271
Ken Gerhart 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 609
Ken Gerhart 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 506
Ken Gerhart 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 506
Ken Gerhart 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 598
Rene Gonzales 1988 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 582
Rene Gonzales 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 98
Rene Gonzales 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 377
Rene Gonzales 1990 Donruss (IP Autograph) 401
Mike Griffin 1988 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 494
Pete Harnisch 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 44
Pete Harnisch 1989 Score Rookie Traded (TTM Aut+C307ograph) T110
Pete Harnisch 1990 Upper Deck (TTM Autograph) 623
Kevin Hickey 1990 Upper Deck (TTM Autograph) 299
Grant Jackson 1971 Topps (IP Autograph) 392
Dave W. Johnson 1991 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 126
Dave W. Johnson 1991 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 126
Dave W. Johnson 1991 Upper Deck (TTM Autograph) 299
Scott McGregor 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 419
Scott McGregor 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 419
Jeff McKnight 1991 Topps (TTM Autograph) 319
Bob Milacki 1990 Upper Deck (TTM Autograph) 635
Randy Milligan 1991 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 542
Randy Milligan 1991 Score (TTM Autograph) 86
Randy Milligan 1993 Topps (TTM Autograph) 678
Randy Milligan 1993 Upper Deck (TTM Autograph) 228
John Mitchell 1991 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 710
John Mitchell 1991 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 485
John Mitchell 1991 Score (TTM Autograph) 569
John Mitchell 1991 Topps (TTM Autograph) 708
Tom Niedenfuer 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 242
Tom Niedenfuer 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 242
Tom Niedenfuer 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 282
Tom Niedenfuer 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 252
Tom Niedenfuer 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 252
Tom Niedenfuer 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 651
Tom Niedenfuer 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 651
John O'Donoghue 1994 Collector's Choice (TTM Autograph) 217
Gregg Olson 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 46
Gregg Olson 1991 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 23
Gregg Olson 1991 Topps (TTM Autograph) 10
Gregg Olson 1992 Score (TTM Autograph) 71
Gregg Olson 1993 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 173
Gregg Olson 1994 Score Gold Rush (TTM Autograph) 525
Milt Pappas 1966 Topps (TTM Autograph) 105
Jim Poole 1992 Topps (TTM Autograph) 683
Tim Raines Jr. 2000 Just (IP Autograph) 177
Floyd Rayford 1985 Topps (TTM Autograph) 341
Floyd Rayford 1988 Topps (TTM Autograph) 296
Keith Reed 2000 SP Top Prospects (IP Autograph) 86
Matt Riley 1999 SP Top Prospects (IP Autograph) 10
Matt Riley 2000 Just Autographs BA-25
Billy Ripken 1992 Pinnacle (TTM Autograph) 336
Jeff Robinson 1992 Score (TTM Autograph) 186
Dave Schmidt 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 677
Dave Schmidt 1998 Delmarva Shorebirds (TTM Autograph) 3
Rick Schu 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 352
David Segui 1991 Topps (TTM Autograph) 724
David Segui 1994 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 20
Larry Sheets 1989 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 333
Ken Singleton 1983 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 73
Doug Sisk 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 264
Doug Sisk 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 264
Doug Sisk 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 13
Pete Stanicek 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 169
Pete Stanicek 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 169
Pete Stanicek 1989 Score (TTM Autograph) 236
John Stefero 1987 Topps (TTM Autograph) 563
Tim Stoddard 1983 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 75
Anthony Telford 1991 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 501
Anthony Telford 1991 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 493
Anthony Telford 1991 Score (TTM Autograph) 354
Anthony Telford 1991 Score (TTM Autograph) 354
Anthony Telford 1991 Topps (TTM Autograph) 653
Craig Worthington 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 569
Craig Worthington 1989 Donruss (TTM Autograph) 569
Craig Worthington 1989 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 627
Craig Worthington 1989 Topps (TTM Autograph) 181
Craig Worthington 1991 Fleer (TTM Autograph) 496
Craig Worthington 1991 Topps (TTM Autograph) 73
Ryan Adams 2007 Bowman Chrome Autographs #'d 337/500 BC223
Tommy Arko 2001 Topps (IP Autograph w/Dan Moylan) 741
Dave Crouthers 2004 Bowman's Best Autograph BB-DC
Rick Elder 2001 Bowman Draft Picks (IP Autograph) BDP62
Doug Gredvig 2003 Bowman Signs of the Future Autograph SOF-DG
Tripper Johnson 2001 Bowman Autographs BA-TJ
Tripper Johnson 2001 Topps (IP Autograph w/Scott Thorman) 354
Ntema Ndungidi 1998 Topps (IP Autograph w/Darnell McDonald) 490
Mike Paradis 2000 Topps Traded Autographs T69
Mike P+A54aradis 2000 Topps Chrome (IP Autograph w/David Walling) 215
Billy Rowell 2007 Bowman's Best Prospect Autographs BBP48
Lorenzo Scott 2005 Topps Update & Highlights (TTM Autograph) UH247
Jacobo Sequea 1999 SP Top Prospects (IP Autograph) 107
C.J. Smith 2005 Bowman Sterling Jersey Auto BS-CS
Brandon Snyder 2006 Bowman Sterling Autograph BSP-BS
Matt Snyder 1997 Bowman (IP Autograph) 404
Chorye Spoone 2007 Bowman Heritage Signs of Greatness SG-CS
Mamon Tucker 1999 Topps (IP Autograph w/Rick Elder) 217
Jayson Werth 1999 SP Top Prospects Autograph JW
Jayson Werth 2000 Bowman (IP Autograph) 177
alright, Great site and great collection so far! Good Luck with it! I will let you know If I ever get any Orioles that you need
Not sure.....the first read about being a d... Your have a deep love of the game..Your baseball team and it's players! Loved everything else on your blog site! Happy New Year! David