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Nov 16, 2002
Welcome to The Bench!

Check out the forums and familiarize yourself with the layout of the everything.

A few areas of importance are the "User CP", "Trade Manager" and "Help Desk" sections located in the blue toolbar running across the top section of the site. Those three areas are in place to help keep everything flowing smoothly on The Bench.

Another very important section I recommend reviewing prior to interacting on the site is our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area.
Here's a link to the FAQ section:

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to contact THE BENCH staff.

Take a few moments and introduce yourself. Click on the following link:

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I have finally had time to trade on this site and am a little lost. Once I post for cards I need how do I quickly find and respond to people answering. Do they email me or do I have to respond to replys at the post. How can I find my posts quickly so that I can respond.

Hey Bill-

Welcome. The easiest way to do it -- or at least the way I've found easiest -- is to go into your User CP (it's on the blue bar at the top) and go into "Edit Options" and make sure that under "Default Thread Subscription Mode" is turned on. (Use whatever notification you want; I use "no e-mail notification" because I don't want to be inundated.)

Then, when you log in, you can click on "User CP" and every thread you've ever started or posted in will be highlighted there, so it's really easy to track.

Hope this helps!

How many Bench Points to sell?

From the FAQ:

New members are not allowed to sell until they reach 20 Bench points and lose the New Member avatar(effective 2/1/2008)

Once a member has reached 20 trades, their status will be reviewed. If they have completed their 20 trades without incidents, they will be promoted to a regular member and be allowed to select their own avatar.


My name is Al and I have been trading On Peggy's now updated to BIG A's CARDS. BIG A's is a fantastic site but I wanted to add another trading venue to work on completing several sets. I heard some good things about The Bench so here I am checking it out.

I am mainly a set/insert collector. I also collect autos, gu, and numbered short prints of OLD SCHOOL Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings, with OLD SCHOOL here being defined as players from pre-1987. I will occasionally be interested in a current Red Wing GU/AUTO/SP.

Thirdly I collect LOTR gu cards and Star Wars GU cards.

Lastly, if the price is right, I am looking to collect an EX-MT 1972 and 1975 mini Topps baseball set.

See you in the forums!

Hi Everyone, Nice to find a new Site.

Hello to Everyone...

I just joined the Bench and am glad a seller on Ebay referred me. It gives me another outlet to hopefully meet some wonderful people and do more trading.

I have perfect feedback on Ebay and have been a member on there for many years. I've also sold on Sportscollective.com, and made many excellent trades on Beckett too, with (Refs).

I'm always looking for nice Al Kaline cards, or 1968 Tigers, Current Tigers, and of course Top Prospects...especially Bowman DP's, Chrome, etc.
I hope to start trading soon. I also live in Michigan and have been to many, many, Midwest League games and have in person signed autos of current sluggers, Adam Dunn, Jay Bruce, Kearns, Morneau, Mauer, Matt Joyce, Maybin (still in Minors and sadly traded)....

Again, hope we can start trading soon.
A new member

I just found out about The Bench from a fellow collector in San Diego. I've been collecting for over 20 years and most recently been into baseball rookie autos...bowman chrome, donruss and Razor of current stars and prospects. I don't have a bucket yet but will probably looking at other's buckets/wants list to see if I have what they're looking for in trade.
greg hamlin ,howdy!

just thought id see if there was a site to trade my unwanted cards... im not sure how the trading works.... i really want a Longori auto and some more pujols autos.

Interested in:

The Cincinatti reds (edd roush, ted klu, pete rose auto, perez rc, bench rc, jay bruce auto, votto auto)

Also ( chipper jones auto's, fielder autos, braun autos, longoria autos, manny autos and any sweetspots)

I have up for trade or sale:

Ted Williams auto picture bigger than 8x10????, not authenticated but guarentee for life, ichiro auto sports illustrated(bought from cardstore, has coa)dual sweetspot h.reynolds/e.martinez gold stiching # to 15(no pricing due to scarcity.)triple threads mantle,williams,clemente #to 9 books $400.00
got a sweetspot leather r.jackson gold auto # to 15====the silver sells around 120.00.........nicest r.jackson ive ever seen. it would take alot to get it off of me but id be willing to consider.

greg 1(205)353-4271 or email at [email protected]

Greetings all! Brand new to the site after hearing about it on another board. I've been away from collecting for almost 15 years and just got back into it about a month ago. As is stands now, I'm pretty much all baseball after sampling products from baseball, football and basketball. Basketball and football just don't do it for me for some reason.
Love the recent trend of recreating retro products. I've bought a lot of 2009 A & G and T206. Two cards away from the base A & G (with SPs). Working on a master set of 206. Havent started in on the mini's too hard yet, but am picking them up as I go. I will be posting my wantlists for both shortly. I'm currently driving from Chicago to Las Vegas where I will be for a month. As of this posting, I'm spending the night in Denver.
Feels great to be back into it, honestly. When I was a kid, as most people probably can relate to, I never had the finances to go after it too hard. Now that I can afford it, I'm able to chase some goals.

Thanks for listening to me ramble!

Glad to be with you all!

Is there a way to look up posts that I have posted on? If so how do I do that? Sorry I went to the link you posted and I did not see it if there was a link. I know I am new and will probley have alot more questions in the future and hope to be an asset to The Bench and not a burden
T-206 There are multiple ways:

Click on your user name and go to your public profile. Scroll down a little and on the left there will be links to "Show all threads started by user" or "Show all posts posted by user"

You can also use the search feature in the blue navigation bar at the top of the page, Click search and when the drop sown menu appears click advanced search. On the right search bar enter your user name and choose either" find threads started by or find posts and enter.

You can also subscribe to the threads you post in and use the List Subscriptions button on the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Is there a way to look up posts that I have posted on? If so how do I do that? Sorry I went to the link you posted and I did not see it if there was a link. I know I am new and will probley have alot more questions in the future and hope to be an asset to The Bench and not a burden

The three help suggestions will answer most of your questions, but specifically click on the profile button on one of your posts like the one above this reply. You can see that there is an option to check all posts by this user which will accomplish what you want. Same goes if you just want to see your threads. You can click on the main banner button's User CP to see other options you want to incorporate such as view your subscibed threads to keep track of threads you have a specific interest in.
New to the board from Houston, TX

Robert from Houston, TX.

I am new to the board. Look forward to growing my trading card collection.