Not sure what to think here...genius or waste of time?


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My Garvey search uncovered this interesting listing. The title may intrigue some with those names...Hornsby, Brett, Reggie..."what might this be?" The picture shows a Beckett magazine and then you get to the description:

Every picture, article and even names mentioned in ads and I assume the show/calendar schedule! Do you think this person is...

1) Key word spamming
2) A genius for incorporating all those names (and technically they are associated within the item)
3) Wasting valuable time listing everything about an item that you'd find practically free at most local card shops and likely won't get the minimum bid!
4) Other thoughts on this one???

Personally, I think it is 1 and 3!


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I noticed it has 7 views I know 3 of them came from here. Wonder how many more that didnt respond?


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Unless he's getting Google AdSense money from all the page views, his efforts seem somewhat wasted.


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If you look at the completed listings, he/she mostly sells old issues of various magazines and does this same type of description for them all. Some of them have sold for $20+. I think they failed to do research on the fact that old Becketts just don't sell. I would suspect keyword spamming if they had lots of other cards for sale, but the few cards the seller has are all worthless and obviously not the heart of their sales.