Now taking beloit snappers stuff

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Jan 26, 2007
lmk what you need done. Only guys i am not taking are hicks(he is only going to be here for a month at most before getting called up) Angel morales and danny rams (read hicks)

just lmk what u need done
coaches that have mlb cards are Gary Lucas
Tommy Watkins

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i can do those guys.i am not seeing them till april 25th and after that i am hitting them up just about every weekend. are those the amount of cards u have of each ?
Hello there, I would love to get an 84 topps signed by Gary Lucas...have tried twice ttm with no success...I should have more than one to send you
yeah i can take it....he signs all the time before the game .but after He won't sign cause he is lugging all kinds of stuff around....if you want to 5050 i will only take 3 cards maximum for your end and 3 on my end (its just easier that way so i can knock out your end right away)..I think i will be going to a game next week to get arnett hicks and morales...

lmk if anyone needs any tom stuifbergen 8x10s (netherlands wbc) JAmes beresford 8x10's (Austrailia WBC) or Liam Hendriks (wbc austrailia) i only have a wbc file of tom stuifbergen
otherwise the next time i get the snappers ill take 4x6's of everyone
can no longer take gary lucas........told everyone in beloit that he doesn't plan on signing during the year because of dealers. So i asked him "Who would sell signed cards of you,your only claim to fame is making it onto a baseball card" and after that Everyone else in beloit pretty much started ripping on gary and told him to f off

i can take everyone else.......