One in 1/12, the Sky's the limit?

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Apr 3, 2007
Rowlett, TX
Got two copies of 92 Triple Play SkyDome card returned from Mr. Michael Allen, one of the chief engineers on its design. I sent an email to their general office address and got permission from his assistant to send two cards. I included a Canadian SASE with a 98-cent stamp so I'm glad it came back when it did (not that they wouldn't have put the extra postage on for me). Mr. Allen signed both cards in a black sharpie and they included a transmittal sheet with my name on it, their company logo etc. I'll send one copy on to the chief architect now although I've had no success in reaching him or his office yet. I wanted them to sign it because growing up I liked the SkyDome and the retractable roof and now being an engineer I thought it was just appropriate.

Sorry for the long read, thanks.
Nice pick up
Job well done
Was the skydome opened or closed:D

I just thought again about what you said and happened to look at the card and the roof is open in the pic but I just now realized what he did when he signed the card... it's signed across where the sky is above CN Tower in the pic (kind of bleeds into the top border of the card)... thought it was a little odd that he just signed the top of the card but he basically signed the opening in the roof.