One in 2/8... speak of the devil

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Apr 3, 2007
Rowlett, TX
I saw another Kevin Appier success here yesterday and commented that maybe I'll hear back from him in a little while... got home and had one envelope in the mail...

Kevin Appier, c/o home, signed 1/3 in black. Luckily he signed 92 Triple Play and left a 91 and 92 UD unsigned. Took 272 days. I don't think I had seen any recent successes from him before sending, so I just gave it a shot with the 3 cards and got lucky.

Thanks for the read.
very nice... tough signer too... and as you see, long waits when he does decide... I think I have sent to him 6-7 times over the last 8-9 yearrs and only got him back twice