One long wait and an IP I wish I didn't have

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May 11, 2007
Outside Providence
The long wait.....

JP Parise 627 days

Now I will explain why I wish I did not have this IP.....
My son, 9, was recently hospitalized when his appendix ruptured. He is fine now and nearly back to 100%. He spent 11 days at the Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence where they did an awesome job with him.
One afternoon Peter Cullen, who does the voice of Optimus Prime in just about everything Transformers you can think of (as well as some other voices like Eeyore), came to John's ward and stopped by his room. Like I said, he's 9, so Transformers are a big deal to him.
Mr. Cullen was kind enough to sign this postcard for us (it says: "To John, Roll Out. Peter Cullen").
I only say that I wish we didn't have it because of where we got it, but I am greatful to Mr. Cullen for taking the time to come to Hasbro and for whatever led him to John's room.
It's kind of hard to see (bad silver Sharpie) but it's still really cool.
Paul -
I'm glad to hear you son is back to 100%. The Transformers auto is very cool, wish you could have better memories of getting it.

Take care,
1st, glad to hear boy is doing well...

and nice Parisé cards... he's from my Mom's home town, Smooth Rock Falls, Ontario... he was a big part of the Canadian team in the '72 Summit Series... his son, Zach, now wears the USA logo across his chest at international tournaments. That's what you get when our Canadian stars play in the NHL across the border, and their families grow up there.

Could we one day see the name "Gretzky" or "Lemieux" on the back of a USA jersey? Sacrilege!! LOL.... kidding guys.

Hey Paul
Glad to hear your son is doing better. Will say a prayer or two for him.

Congrats on the pick ups
Now that one auto Ought to be remembered for a long tiome on how you got it
I'm glad your son is doing well and I know he must be very happy with the Transformer Auto Postcard :)
Dios los Bendiga!!!!