open letter to anyone i'm currently talking trades with

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Aug 4, 2008
newberry sc
this may be the hardest thing i've ever had to , i'm not leaving the hobby , haven't scammed anyone , and am not post this for attention or sympathy....

i know that over the past few months i was (VERY SLOWLY) pulling cards to work on trades with quite a few people (drpid , timfsu2k , and robert326 spring to mind and i know there are quite a few more)....i'm not backing out and not making excuses , but i just want to let these 3 plus any others i didn't name know that i may need a little more time....

i was just involved in a car accident in which i hit and killed a pedestrian....(i say apparently because the police and paramedics said they are legally unalbe to release his condition to me but based on what i overheard one officer telling another he is not expected to make it) .....although the one eye-witness (who left before the police arrived) assured me it was not my fault , AND the police determined that i did NOT contribute to the accident since the man wandered into my lane without warning in a dark area , that doesn't do my car or my conscience any good ...i mean , really - i may have killed a man from my own neighborhood.....if he does indeed pass , there is NOTHING i can ever do to change it or make it up to his family ...nothing that can ease my conscience ....

anyway , now i MAY be home for the rest of the week as a result , but not sure how much i'm going to feel up to working with cards...perhaps working with cards will take my mind off this , and w will TRY , but i hope you understand if my heart isn't in it at the moment.....i also may now need to sell off some material i never intended to get rid of...that just depends on how things go with the car and any possible legal complications that may arise as a result...i hope it doesn't come to that ....not only do i not want to part with my PC , but even more i don't want the purpose of this post to become a prelude to my own begging for handouts from other members....

well...i feel i may have said too much and at the same time i could never say any rate , i just wanted to let everyone (and i fear if i tried to PM everyone i was dealing with i'd no doubt miss a few considering my current state of mind) know that if i either disappear or go overboard in the coming days/weeks , there is a reason and at some point i will be back to my normal low-key role here.....

thanks for listening ,
Wish you the best of luck, Claude. Sorry to hear....but always remember, God knows your heart and is ALWAYS with you...:)

I have no trades with you but I do hope and pray the guy does make it and that things work out for you. I have had some heavy loads but nothing like this.
I will say some prayers for both of you.

Sure it was not easy to say or experience, just remember life comes first. You can always deal with outstanding trades when you have a clear head. Hope everything works out for you and the other person.

Man that's gotta be tough. Good luck with everything and take care of yourself.

Claude me old mucker. Sorry to hear about that. If you wanna chat bud lmk and ill make myself available either by phone or by email/facebook chat whatever

All the best in these trying times

Your good friend

Sorry to hear about the accident! Prayers and thoughts for Individual (who was hit) and his family. It will take time for you to recover from this. Best regards, David
Wish you the best of luck, Claude. Sorry to hear....but always remember, God knows your heart and is ALWAYS with you...:)


+1. You are not alone in this and many people are praying for your family and for him and his family. Please keep in contact and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Cards are just that, cardboard. Not important when it comes to real life situations.

Wish you the best of luck, Claude. Sorry to hear....but always remember, God knows your heart and is ALWAYS with you...:)


Having never been in such a situation myself, I can't imagine what you've been going through, but I wish a speedy healing (physical and emotional) for all involved in this awful situation.

Claude I really appreciate the PM you sent me before...I still have it saved and by all means, sorting out this situation comes first. If you need to chat about anything, I am here for you.


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