Panini customer service

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5.00 star(s)
Jul 27, 2007
Portland, OR
I just wanted to relay my experiences with Panini and their quality assurance system. I know a lot of people have had good and very bad experiences with Topps and Upperdeck, but Panini seems to be doing it right.

I opened a box of 2009 Certified football and was shorted a hit. I went on their website and issued a quality assurance request through their system. I was then told to send in my info (box with upc/receipt, etc.)

You can regularly check on the status of your request through the website. They also give frequent updates such as: when they receive your items, and when they ship your replacement.

It only took 1 month from the time i opened the request to receive my replacement card. I ended up with a Roger Staubach Immortals Jersey card. Not bad.

All and all it was a painless experience, and i wish Panini could do some licensed baseball stuff.