Panini redemption card came in!!?? Holy cow!!

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Aug 8, 2021
Cincinnati, Ohio
I don't exactly remember when I mailed this redemption card in, but it finally arrived. I know it's been months and months. They even mailed it in a ultra pro magnetic snap case

Not sure what to think about this, i gave up on this....... At least it came more redemption card to go, then I should be caught up :D


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Im still waiting on a panini redemption from 2019. Some dude that isnt even in the league anymore. A rookie that flamed out. That is a nice card you got!
That is SWEET. As a Sox fan I’d be interested if you ever want to trade it. They just sent my Bo Jackson relic auto (NFT) after FOUR YEARS!!!
That's an awesome Bo Jackson. I don't think I've ever seen an autographed card of his. I don't think I've ever pulled a bo Jackson card since he retired. Definitely hard to come by.