Player collector doldrums

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I've got a bittersweet one. Andre Dawson makes the Hall of Fame and now I've got to deal with all of the "Hall of Fame" Collectors! I'm broke anyway though... :D

@Craig - I thought of you immediately when I heard the HOF announcement. Could be a nice thing though... bringing out tons of the obscure stuff you might still need. That happened with Murray when he got elected.

@tdoran70 - I bet. Kinda the same for me. I've almost stopped looking for my guys haha
Outside of picking up a few 2009 Sandberg cards here on the Bench, this is the slowest 5 months for me ever. It might have something to do with this whole teaching gig I just started though.....
its been hard to get the lyle overbay cards i need, ebay hasnt had much for me, and when there is one i do need, the price goes outragios high--i was use to pick up some real low numbered ones for really cheap, not any more

I'm down to 30 cards plus 1/1's for my Bradshaw PC and most of those are friggin' Score parallels...i HATE those!
Yeah, the last six months have been horrible for me trade-wise, save for October. I guess I've managed to round up most of the Chippers people had here or something. I rarely find someone with Chippers that I can use as of late.
I always save getting the base cards of Kazmir until all the releases come out so when all the products are out and there's nothing new to get I have something to get.. I picked up pretty much every sets base card of him this year to make it seem not so bad
I picked up 3 Lankfords I needed last year. Like a lot of guys, I am down to needing the very rare or 1/1 cards. I almost have a heart attack when I do find one on my wantlist.