Post your favorite non card Autographed item...

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Aug 15, 2007
Missoula, MT
Since this is the time of year when everyone shows off their collections (i.e. The Benchies) I was curious as to what unique non card autographed items were out there. So post your favorite one from your collection, heres mine:

PSA DNA 1st Day Cover Doc Sykes, Judy Johnson, Jimmie Crutchfield, Buck Leonard, Cool Papa Bell, Monte Irvin, and Ray Dandridge Autos


Snagged this one off of ebay for $70, for me it was highway robbery... I am going to the grave with this one lol.

This is probably one of my favorite autographed items, however most of my stuff is not even scanned. One of the coolest cover shots ever in my opinion. They don't have cool magazine covers like this anymore sadly! 1955 Sports Illustrated - Duke Snider


However, this is pretty cool too!

Auto'd Gil Hodges wire photo. Great stretch for the ball.

No pic of it, but bought it for $50 if I remember correctly...

Justin Verlander AU on a black baseball bat signed in silver (Came with bat tube case)
I don't really keep non baseball autod sports stuff so mine is an auto'd In With the Old Album signed by all the guys in Pepper.. Signed in silver ink on the black background.. Real nice
Auto Baseballs of Jeter, Aaron and Koufax. I also purchased a bat that I started getting Auto's for. Auto's I have so far are Brooks Robinson, Paul Molitor and Killebrew. Sorry no Pics.
I do have one I'd part with. I don't care for it because it appears to have been signed on or in a photo album of the old style and in pencil, so there are "bumps" in the sig. However, if I had no other option or didn't want to spend the money for a premium auto of his, it is acceptable. It's signed on a nice clean autograph notebook page, approximately 4x6, maybe a little larger. I'll try to dig it up and scan it if you might have interest.

The source is solid though, Richard Simon Autographs. I purchased it from him directly, through ebay, years ago when I didn't have as many signatures in my collection.

I'm very jealous of the Hodges... He's going to be a tough one for my Mets Auto collection.
I'll share a few of mine with you guys:

Got this signed it:


this because my dad gave it to me when i was 10 years old and i took good care of it...tracked the artist down and had it signed last year:


this because in the 80's Mac was the Man on the court:


This because Junior Johnson is a legend in the South...and the ***** is good!


This's the paper you see in the Deep Blue Sea movie and it's part of the artwork in the DVD menu lol...every time I see it I think "hey there is my paper" lol.


This because Ed Rules!

nah...i went to see him speak 6/5/08 in Bristol at Va High School and he signed was the first day after he "won" the nomination...took my daughter to hear him speak because I thought it would be a good thing for her to experience (she was 17 at the time) and we stopped off at Wal Mart and got a couple of books hoping to get them signed and I stuck one pic inside of each book and she got one signed and so did ended up with two books and two pics...but it was so busy there was no way he could have talked with anyone beyond a quick handshake...would have been nice to talk to him for a few but i was just happy to get the sigs...was a good experience for the kid.
Here is that Hodges "extra" that I have. Bought it in 2002 from Richard Simon Sports, Inc and still have the original sales receipt with it as well. If you are still interested after seeing it, let me know. I have not decided on a price yet. I am not planning to give it away but it's not going to be a bank breaker price either.

You can see the lines I was talking about. After looking at it again after a while, it's actually the paper which is some sort of nice stationary or similar. It is slightly larger than a standard 3x5 card. It looks a little lighter than it actually is due to the flash from the camera.

Some of my hockey items; sorry for the poor pictures (old digital camera). I do have several mini-helmets including Barry Sanders that I don't have shots of...
Steve Yzerman team issued stick...
David Liffiton game used blade...
Doug Brown game used stick...
Mine would have to be Murphy as I LOVED watching him growing up and it was so great to finally meet him and get some autos....also I love getting magazines done so this is my favorite: