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4.90 star(s)
AL East
Baltimore Orioles
Best pitching staff in divison guys like Scott Marble and Leroy King are dominant players along with others.
A decent bullpen to go with the outstanding rotation doesn't bold well for rest of the divison.
The offense is fairly stacked not an elite offense but a lot of talent none the less Solarzano/Watson/Castro/Guerra more then enough to post a few runs for the pitching to take care of the rest.
There system is a solid one but could use some additions to make it a top flight system after some of the recent stud call ups in the past couple of seasons.

Toronto Bluejays
Baltimore I gave the edge to on roation but you could argue the Bluejays aren't far off with Matt Anderson/Matt May/F.Gomez and still good ol' Augusto Martinez though a shell of his old self.
The bullpen has some true elite arms and should be as good as any with guys like Cruz/Boone/Lester ect.
Offense with guys like Hartman and Hussey playing up to there talent and the rest of the positions stacked with talent hard to see the Jays not making some noise to pull at Baltimore's cape.
Some very nice talent in the system should be among the top few systems in the league with overall talent.

#3 New York Yankees
Rotation is a veteran rotation. Watson/Harris/Madison isn't not a top tier roation but should be solid.
The bullpen is another very nice one with guys like O'Brein and Nacho should have very few problems holding leads late in games.
Offense is where I like the New York to hold the #3 spot in division Cervantes and Browne are true elite offensive players along with some complement parts like DH Harris producing should be a fun offense to watch.
The system though seems to be getting stronger as of late is still somewhat bare overall in talent but has a couple of nices pieces.

#4 Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Rotation doesn't have elite talent but a very solid pitching staff with 30 million dollar baby SP Cabrerra. A.Macias and company our solid players but don't see them keeping pace just yet.
Bullpen could be the Achilles heal for Tampa as I don't see a lot of talent besides a guy like Perry.
Offense another good offensive team Downs could be a elite players very soon if not already. McCormick/Douglas/Fernandez/Felix should be a decent offense but don't see it being enough with the overall pitching concern and the tough arms to go up against.
System is solid on the offensive side a lot of future OF's. Colton Brooks SP already in the big leagues is a solid prospect but will fall off that list soon. Overall not a elite system but a middle of the pact.

#5 Boston Red Sox
A very weak starting pitching rotation and not very many numbers as 10 pitchers total on the active roster just isn't gonna cut it.
Bullpen not much better then the above stated.
Offense with guys like Cason/Jellarde/Thornton/ and Matthews could be a ridiculous explosion but however with the pitching I don't think it's going to amount to much more then a top 5 pick next season.
System has a few very very nice pieces overall depth isn't great but the couple of big guys make it a nice start to a upper echelon system.