Pre-war Gehrig pickups

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Aug 9, 2003
Elizabethtown, KY
I was able to get two rare Lou Gehrig cards the past week. I am still chasing the Goudy's, Delong and others but it is always nice to get some early issues.



Happy Easter!
Hey DeWayne
What else can I say but another great addition to your already fantanstic Gehrig collection. Thata is really a couple of great cards. Keep up the great job.
Happy Easter to you and the Mrs also.
Be careful with those no name grading companies. You might find that you don't need the grade, but who is to say they even know wnat they are doing with regard to IDing and authentication. I find it quite odd that some items that could be very valuable are graded by these no name companies instead of a more known and reputible company.

I don't believe either item there would command a great deal though, so you may be OK. The exhibit is actually one of 4 photos cut from a larger card and I want to say a large collection of those ray-o-prints were found in great condition and entered the hobby a few years back.

You are makijng great headway on the collection though. Those Goudeys and Delong cards will cost a pretty penny, but you can land them if you have the $ and patience! You might even find some deals if you are willing to settle on condition too!
Nice pickups!

Also...... I heard a rumor that it is hard to get Lou Gehrig jersey GU because they burned them because of the disease he died from. Just curious, is this true?