Press Pass

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Apr 19, 2008
Abingdon VA
So...whats Press Pass going to do now that they won't have the college football cards to market since UD will be going that route now that Topps took over the Baseball and lost Football...well guess UD will be doing Football as well.

Oh the drama...

Anyway...I like Press Pass for the on card stuff..don't care much for the HIT stickers as they tend to be ugly....but Press Pass doesn't get much credit once the "new" wears off on their products...just wonder why that is? To me they have great on card autos, about the only good college set up around...was just looking at the new 2010's posted on Beckett...pretty nice looking cards and the on card autos everyone craves...but was thinking to myself that they won't be worth 75% of what the Pro cards of these guys will bring.