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Mar 8, 2006
Riverview, FL
Ok, so I bought a box of 09 Legendary Cuts of the bay... $67. Came yesterday and I busted them open. I got (1) GU, (3) 20th Anniversary Retrospective cards (whatever those are), (1) S/N insert, and the rest base!!!! :mad:
Needless to say I was pretty upset as I was looking forward to this box coming. Now here's my question; the box looked to be factory sealed. I couldn't see any sign of it being opened and resealed as well as the packs. The seller "Mr. Card Guy" had all pos feedback and has sold several different boxes. Do you think if I contacted UD they would do something about the distro of this box? It says on the front "4 memorabilia cards on average". In my opinion, 3-5 is the average of 4... what should I/ can I do??? Thanks!
Good luck. UD seems to be shutting down. Normally, i think you could contact them and they would help (although maybe not from an Ebay seller- not sure). However, I think with all UD's problems, we have entered a buyer beware state with them as it looks like they are ready to go under.

Good luck. That sucks.

I don't other then the usual website info. Sorry and good luck. Waiting on a few redemptions I have redeemed and I have come to the conclusion i'm not seeing them.

3-5 would be average in a small sampling. However, theorhetically, for every box like yours, there'd be one that has 7 memorabilia cards in in.

In any event it still sucks.