Private signings on SCN


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Anybody have any experience with private signings on Sports Collector.Net?
Good? Bad?

There's a private signing in Feb. for Ted Simmons and I would like to send 2 cards, but have never participated in a private signing. Just wanted to get some feedback about signings through members on there.


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All depends on who the person is, there are a lot of great people there that do signings and then every once in a while you get the person that screws over a ton of people, basically like any forum you go to even here, ya take the chance of getting burned but hope for the best.


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I have had all successes with SCN. Then again, I try to do my homework ahead of time.

Also,stlcardtrader is right about the upcoming signing for Simmons. I'll be sending my card in. There are a ton of 'toughies' signing at two of the promoter's shows (Bake McBride, Dan Driessen, Lary Sorenson, and the might-as-well-be-deceased Pete Vuckovich). I'm hoping to get a bunch knocked off the need-list for the 83 Fleer set.