PSA Grading Question


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I have only submitted to PSA once, which was in the late 90's when PSA was just getting started. One of the cards that I did send was a Jeter SP rookie, which was graded an 8, even though it looked fantastic to me. I have held on to this, but with the recent surge, I am thinking about letting it go. My question is if anyone knows if PSA would change a grading if I re-submitted, or would they not want to change a decision? Is this worth me sending in to see if it comes back a 9? Also, does anyone know the turnaround time? It seems like it may take a while to get cards back.


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I haven't researched the difference in price between an 8 and raw for this card, but if it isn't much, you could take the chance, bust it out of the case and resubmit. You can specify that if it doesn't grade a 9, to not grade it (think it costs extra). If you want the card back in a decent amount of time, you need to pay for the premium turnaround. I have some cards that I didn't do pay for the premium I sent in last summer, they are in the grading process now....