Question about 09 A&G Reg Mini....

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Feb 25, 2006
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Franklin, Kentucky
I know this sounds stupid but I have a serious question about the condition of a card in the 09 A&G Reg Back Mini set. Its card 260 Louis Braille and the two I pulled in my boxes were off center completely to one side. I won another lot of them on ebay and the one I got was the same way. Then I bought one from Sportslots and it is exactly off center the same way.First time Ive ever come across this with one card. LOL Im beginning to believe there isnt a well centered 260 out there. Anybody have the same problem with this card? PLMK

I haven't pulled the regular back mini 260 yet, but I did get the black mini 260, and it's centered perfectly. When I get a regular mini, I'll let you know. Surely someone else here has it though.
Thanks for the input Dale... I was expecting at least a couple of replies to a serious question about this. You would think the odds of 0 out of 4 from many different places that one would be even close to being centered but all are completely OC to the side. Was just curious if it happened to anyone else but though I got many looks I got no input. Guess they think its a newbie
When I trade or buy lots and I got several of those cards like that in other player, I just bend them in half and toss them across the room. My family cant understand why and ask why I dont keep them. I tell them they are no worth to me and I dont want to accidentally trade a card that looks that bad to someone else. Cant believe someone would deal it to me. Like I said thanks for the reply Dale and lmk if you see or hear of any other card 260's like this just for the sake of it.
I just looked at it and its not centered on both of mine
Dale thanks for the link. Its just unusual how so many of the same card got OC. I purchased a large lot of Reg backs and after sorting them and making my set I went back over them and noticed that several were unusally OC enough I want to replace them. About 17 or so... kinda wish I had paid more attention to the condition before I gave ebay feedback or I would have at least mentioned it. I actually think I picked up a few in trades on here also. If I buy the #260 off Ebay with the pic and it comes OC Im giving

I normally put together the mini sets every year but this year money has been tight so I didn't get to bust a few boxes like I normally do. I've built the mini sets every year since 2006 and I'm very picky on the sets I put together since they are for my personal collection. I just bought a huge lot of 09 minis and I'm going thru them now to figure out what I still need and what I have. This is the first year that the base minis have borders and I have a ton that I eventually want to replace for better centered cards. I think my goal is to finish the set first, then make upgrades if I can.

I have two braille cards and both are badly off centered. Sorry I can't help you there.

On a side note, I do still have the 2002 bowman chrome draft gold refractor of Blanton. Do you still need it? If you have some decent autos or relics from A&G, I may consider moving it. Let me know.