Question about 2000 Press Pass FB "Gold Zone"


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Does anyone know what makes one of these cards "Gold Zone"?
I can't find a clear answer online.
At first I thought is was the color of the metallic stamping at the bottom front of the card, but that doesn't really make any sense because there are more than two colors of that stamping. There is silver, gold and some other purplish color that I can't describe.

Just wonder if any knew for sure what makes one of these "Gold Zone"



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The silver foil is the base version, the gold foil is the Gold Zone version.

I'd have to see the purplish one to know what it is. As far as I know the only other parallel version is called Torquers and that's a blueish color.


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Is the purplish one serial numbered? There is a parallel set called Reflectors which is serial numbered to 500 and one called Reflectors Solo that is serial #d of 1. Here is a link to the checklist with pictures of some of the cards

I'm guessing Dan is correct about it being a Torquer although I'd describe those as being blue also.

If it does not look like one of the above choices maybe it is from one of the ten insert sets in 2000 Press Pass football. If you can't find it go ahead and post the name and number of the purple card and maybe one of us can figure it out.