Question about 2008 Press Pass NBA Autos

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Aug 5, 2008
North Carolina
I have these two JJ Hickson autos from 08 Press Pass.

This one is signed in blue ink:

And this one is signed in red ink:

Beckett has these four cards listed:
1. 2008 Press Pass Signings Blue #PPSJH J.J. Hickson (I assume this is the first one I have scanned)
2. 2008 Press Pass Signings Bronze #PPSJH J.J. Hickson (I doubt the either of them are this one. I see nothing "bronze" about it)
3. 2008 Press Pass Signings Bronze #PPSJH1 J.J. Hickson Red (this is what I assume the second scan is...but makes this one "bronze"? It's design and everything is exactly the same as the first except the ink color is different. However, on the back of the card the card number is just PPSJH...not PPSJH1, which makes me wonder.)
4. 2008 Press Pass Signings Gold #PPSJH J.J. Hickson/ 99 (this one isn't mine I don't think, because mine isn't numbered on the card anywhere)

So all in all, what two cards do I have here? Am I correct in assuming I have #1 and #3 on this list? And if so, what makes card #3 "bronze"? I guess the player name and card company name at the top are in Bronze lettering, so that could explain that (it's that way on both cards)

I also know that the red-inks are more rare, but was the print run ever announced on those?

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