Question about a 2009 Topps T206 mini


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Here is a pic:

DO you notice the white card a little past 1/3 of the way down? It is a Hanley Ramirez mini, but the front and back don't look any different. It doesn't have a different back, it isn't #ed, it isn't thicker. The only difference is that the sides are bright white, whereas the other cards are brown.



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I know there is a white edge parallel, and I don't know if it's known as anything else.
I believe they are limited to 50 each?


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That would be the Piedmont-backed (SP) minis. The pose should be the one with palm trees in the background of the photo; it's the same pose as the normal size card which is an SP. The SP regular size cards are easy to pick out, the backs just provide the players' last name, or list a Rookie designation. The only way to tell if the Piedmont mini you have is an SP/pose variation is by looking at the paper stock turned sideways, like your photo shows.

Here's hoping Topps keeps the shenanigans in series 2 of this set to a minimum! -- Jim