Question about the Collector's Edge Company

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Oct 10, 2002
Cary, NC
Would like to know if Collector's Edge of Tennessee is still in business; and if so, what is their phone number or e-mail address?

I have a 1999 Collector's Edge - Hologold #52 parallel card of Troy Aikman. According to Beckett, the card should be Serial ID'd to 25; which would put it's HI book value at $100. The problem is I don't see any serial ID'd number on either side of the card. Based on that I'm wondering if it were a promotional or pre-released card for the dealers.

If anyone has an answer to my question or can provide me with a phone number or e-mail address to contact the company, it would be appreciated.


Collector's Edge went out of business a long time ago. What you have is probably a bankruptcy card. Once they went under all of their assets were sold off, similar to the Fleer situation.